Laboratorium instrumenten, Petroleum testapparatuur, Temperatuur, Kalibratie apparatuur, Kalibratie Standaarden, Reactoren & automatisatie, Stockverkoop toestellen, Spare parts At the top of technological performance,
it’s the service that makes all the difference.



The Optimus team prioritizes you customer’s needs. We want to help you in the best possible way ant treat both new customers and regular buyers with the same care and dedication. How can we help you? By focussing on:

Quick responding: We aim to answer any request within 24 hours.

Providing solutions: Our experience allows us to find the optimum solution for your application needs.

After-sales service: All instruments are serviced and calibrated by the skilled engineers of ELS, our extended part stock allows us to act fast.

Getting you started: After a purchase, our technical department will help you install the instrument and guide you with personal training.

Continuous improvement: To keep our support at a high level, all departments are trained regularly as part of our ISO17025 quality system.

Frank Van Hoorick, Managing Director

When you look at with how much dedication Frank keeps his "Bonnie" (a vintage Triumph Bonneville motorcycle) running, you’ll understand that with Frank you are in good hands.

Lieve Van Renterghem, Accountancy

The lady in control. She keeps the books balanced at the office and herself at the gym. She does it with incredible accuracy and commitment. And counterbalances work with her love for family, nature and of course, her ’bike and car’!

Patrick De Ridder, Technical Manager

Whether something high tech flies or rides. There’s a big chance you’ll find Patrick around. This wizard with model cars, motorcycles, planes and space vehicles is in charge of our technical department. You’ll be able to build on Patrick for he has the answer to your questions.

Anna Van den Brande, Quality Manager

She came from far, saw it was good and made it even better. Anamary, Ana, reinforced our team with her technical knowhow and ISO17025 experience. She takes care of our process control & ensures progress in our quality system. Thanks to Ana you receive the quality goods & services you expect from an ISO17025 company.

Nicolas Martin, Service Manager

A Frenchman in the Netherlands, that speaks of character! He runs our service department over there and he’s like a real pitbull when it comes to solving problems. When he’s not servicing our customers, you’ll find him traveling or enjoying his old mini.

Jan Salens, Senior Sales Engineer

Jan gets up before dawn and works like a horse. He is always ready to help customers and colleagues. This rare bird likes to hike and ski, he will take you and your systems where they belong: UP!

Tiemen Meyvisch, Sales Engineer

Tiemen has a huge amount of experience to put at your disposal. In his quiet, but decisive manner, he’ll advise you the system that matches your needs 100%. Besides visiting customers, he enjoys the mountains or hanging by a parapente.

Carla Vandevyver, Order Administration

Processing your order or calibrating your thermometer, she does it fast, accurate and with a smile on her face. She’s a genuine multitasker who gets the job done before you even realize it.

Carla is a caring mom at home and enjoys working out at the gym or having a little party at a festival.