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Sales of second hand and demo devices

Optimus Instruments offers a selection of first class second-hand or demo instruments, all still in good shape and of course working properly just like a new instrument.

Interested in purchasing an instrument? Contact us.

Measuring instruments

Temperature, pH, conductivity, Humidity and moisture, Chlorine

Calibration equipment

Temperature calibration furnaces, Pneumatic pressure pumps

Fuel and oil sampling solutions

Bunker samplers, Extraction pumps

Reactor systems

50L jacketed glass reactor system

Industrial process instruments

Industrial photospectrometers, Dust meters, Differential pressure transmitters

Petroleum analyzers

Vapour pressure analyzer, Particle counter, Density analyser, Element analyser, PQ analyzers, Capilary viscometer, Cetane analyzer

Thermostats and chillers

immersion cooler

General lab equipment

Overhead stirrer, Heating plates and mantles, Vacuum pump, Analytical balances, Rotary viscometer