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The Chemglass ready to use glass reactor systems find many applications in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and life science. With a wide diversity of glass and metalware, vessel sizes and add-on component, Optimus Instruments provides all equipment for your regulated reaction application. Flexible, budget-friendly and possible to upgrade to an automated system.


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ADS22-KIT - Small scale flow chemistry workstation

The fReactor - classic platform allows both single and multiphasic reactions to be carried out across a range of residence times. With a total volume of just 10ml this is well suited to laboratory evaluation of flow chemistry. The fReactor is flexible in operation and easy-to-use.

Asynt has collaborated with the University of Leeds to bring to market their exciting new flow-chemistry platform – the fReactor Classic.

Designed by chemists and engineers from within the Institute of Process Research and Development the fReactor Classic is simple to assemble and modify, making it suitable for a wide range of continuous-flow processes.

Integrating the efficiency of pipe-flow processing with the advanced mixing of a CSTR, the fReactor Classic delivers a general “plug-and-play” setup which is well-suited to multiphasic reactions; allowing chemists to explore continuous-flow processing, with little expertise required.

Complete your setup with the following accessories that we also provide:
- Kalrez O-rings
- Back pressure regulators
- Pressure relief valves
- Hotplate stirrers
- Syringe pumps