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The Chemglass ready to use glass reactor systems find many applications in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and life science. With a wide diversity of glass and metalware, vessel sizes and add-on component, Optimus Instruments provides all equipment for your regulated reaction application. Flexible, budget-friendly and possible to upgrade to an automated system.


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ADS3-PSS - Parallel Synthesis Starter kit: Base + 3 reaction vial inserts

The DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Starter Kit provides a convenient, low cost solution for chemists wishing to conduct simple synthetic reactions with temperature control and magnetic stirring, but without the complications of reflux or inerting.  With no messy oil baths required for heating this is a simple but effective tool for a modern and sustainable laboratory.

The DrySyn Parallel Synthesis Starter Kit is ideal for producing small, focused libraries of compounds.
This kit accommodates a range of standard reaction tubes and vials of different diameters.

It can also be upgraded to become a parallel reaction station using standard round-bottom flasks simply by using the appropriate DrySyn MULTI inserts. In this configuration, facilities like reflux and gas control can be added, as can directly driven stirring with the Asynt Vortex stirrer system.

The DrySyn MULTI-E base that is featured in this kit comes complete with a heat resistant handle for safe use in the laboratory.

MULTI-E base + any 3 single Reaction Vial Inserts from our range of standard sizes below. Please specify size when ordering. Reaction Vial Inserts come in the following sizes - 4 position unless stated otherwise.
(size refers to the diameter of the hole)
11.80 mm (will fit 2 mL HPLC sample vials) - This size is a 9 position insert.
15.00 mm (will fit 1 dram vials)
16.20 mm (will fit CEM microwave tubes)
17.40 mm (will fit Biotage 2-5 mL microwave tubes and for 2 dram vials)
20.20 mm (will fit robot tubes)
24.40 mm (will fit 24 mm boiling tubes)
25.75 mm (will fit Wheaton reactor vials)
27.65 mm (will fit 20 mL Scintillation vials)
28.20 mm (will fit Biotage 10-20 mL microwave tubes)