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The Chemglass ready to use glass reactor systems find many applications in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and life science. With a wide diversity of glass and metalware, vessel sizes and add-on component, Optimus Instruments provides all equipment for your regulated reaction application. Flexible, budget-friendly and possible to upgrade to an automated system.

AEJ 200-4CM - AEJ-CM

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AEJ 200-4CM - 220g - Cal Ext. - Verification option

only AEJ-CM: Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature > 0,8 °C and time-controlled every 3 hours
Intuitive pipette calibration function to ensure data integrity and to minimise the risks in the daily work with your pipettes
Vmin: 10% of the volume
Va: Arithmetic mean
Es: Systematic error
Vmax: 100 of the volume
Sr: Standard deviation
Higher weighing speed by switching off the last digit
Modern all glass draught wind shield for ideal visibility of the weighing object
Dispensing mode: By pressing one key you can set all relevant parameters for dispensing
Alibi memory: Paperless archiving of up to 100,000 weighing results. Additional information on page 11
Internal memory for up to 999 weighing results, 1000 items or recipe ingredients, 100 container weights, 100 users

Technical details:

Weighing range (Max): 220g
Readout (d): 0,1mg
Reproducibility: 0,2mg
Linearity: +/- 0,3mg
Verification unit: 1mg
Weighing plate: 85mm