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Optimus Instruments offers specilized equipment for cell culture treatment, fermentation and bio reaction. Premium glass and metalware bio reactor systems and components, cell culture treatment devices and complete reaction control systems.

M1 - M1

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M1 - Benchtop Tangential Flow Filtration System

The M1 TFF unit is a unique solution for all those seeking a compact system for concentration/purification of biomolecules and biomass from fermentation or cell culturing broths at lab scale through TFF and/or for those wanting to evaluate the TFF potential on their processes.

Whether your product of interest is a vaccine, an enzyme, a monoclonal antibody or a recombinant protein (among others), TFF could be the most suitable technology for the downstream of your process. It is very important you start testing your process performance as soon as you have a feedstock to try on.

The M1 allows for a deep study of the impact of all relevant parameters in terms of both the most optimal configuration of the equipment and the operation itself, crucial in the RandD and optimization stages. Experiments at this stage include:
Election of the optimum membrane material and pore size.
Generation of filtrate flux and transmembrane pressure (TMP) curves at different feed circulation flow rates, in order to elucidate the most optional operating conditions (i.e. flow rate, TMP and filtrate flux).
Calculation of the achievable concentration factor.
Election of the most optimal temperatures to work at.

Moreover, in production stages it allows for a tight control of all operative parameters.

Technical details: