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Optimus Instruments offers specilized equipment for cell culture treatment, fermentation and bio reaction. Premium glass and metalware bio reactor systems and components, cell culture treatment devices and complete reaction control systems.


shakers & mixers

Heidolph offers a wide range of lab shakers, from platform shakers, overhead mixers, orbital shakers, vortex mixers, vibration shakers, incubator shakers up to different lab shakers which are available in different motions.   Choose your lab shaker from six specific motions, from one to three-dimensional movements. Many models offer options of different orbits and angles to provide increased mixing in the motion range.  The optional system gives your incubator shaker all in one: Shaking, mixing and heating. Combine your laboratory shaker with the Incubator 1000 and choose from three different incubator hoods. This unique system allows for visual reaction control at all times.   Choose from your benchtop shaker from Heidolph - orbital shaker, vortex mixer, platform shaker, microplate shaker, tumbling mixer, overhead mixer, horizontal shaker, circular shaker, microplate mixer, tumbler mixer, vortexer and many more!