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Optimus Instruments offers specilized equipment for cell culture treatment, fermentation and bio reaction. Premium glass and metalware bio reactor systems and components, cell culture treatment devices and complete reaction control systems.

CLS-1430-3L - CLS-1430

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CLS-1430-3L - BioProcess Spinner Flask, 3L, Dimpled bottom

Microcarrier spinner flasks promote optimal growth of suspension and microcarrier cultures. Indented bottoms, 100mL thru 1000mL, prevent accumulation of microcarrier beads under the impeller paddle. Please Note: The 6L and 8L Versions Do Not Have Dimpled Bottoms. The complete system includes a flask with two angled sidearms and a PTFE paddle with glass shaft that adjusts trough the compression fitting in the cap.

Replacement Components:
· The impeller assembly consists of the lower magnetic stir bar, impeller blade and blade holder
· The replacement shaft is the glass portion only
· The cap assembly consists of the corresponding screw cap, liner and compression fitting