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V24001 - NCK2 5G

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V24001 - NOACK Automatic evaporation loss analyzer (ASTM D5800)

Safe, easy to use ISL’s NCK2 5G Noack evaporation loss analyzer enables the most precise testing possible to meet increasing QS/QA requirements in full compliance with CEC, ASTM and IP methods. Excellent repeatability and reproducibility have been proven through numerous international round robin programs.

Designed for routine day-to-day work in labs with high sample workloads, the NCK2 5G test initiates with a few simple keystrokes. The test can be started with either a cold or hot heating block, significantly increasing test productivity. Smart assistance features automatically alert the operator if any test device is not properly set, and the instrument carefully tracks sample temperature and vacuum throughout the test’s duration, providing a digital display of each and recording the values to memory.

Multi-Temperature Software extends NCK2 5G’s application to any products requiring evaporation loss measurements between 100 and 300°C (i.e. waxy products; thin base stock oils; hydraulic, gear box and transmission oils; and special liquids, including synthetic oils). Internal studies show good correlation to Woods Noack results. More laboratories can now benefit from ISL’s Noack evaporation loss analyzer, which enables the safest, easiest to use and most precise testing possible to meet increasing QS/QA requirements.


- Fully equipped unit in compact footprint
- Highly precise sample temperature control
- Smart temperature probe tracks offsets, calibrations
- Ehanced quality control and calibration features
- Sample weight management interface
- Programmable test duration and temperature
- Multiple safety features, including automatic pre-test leak check
- Glassware tubes heating option for testing waxy products

Technical details:


Test Methods : CEC L-40-93; ASTM D5800; IP 421; DIN 51 581;NF T 60-161
Noack Procedure B selected by CEC as single method for Noack volatility measurement.


Evaporation loss of Lubricating oils; Basestock oils; Synthetic lubricants.
Automatic calibration with programmable frequency; 5-point probe offset correction table.


- Heating: Spring ring low voltage heating elements
- Test Duration: 30 minutes to 4 hours
- Temperature Measurement: Direct specimen temperature control. 100 to 300oC; ±0.1oC resolution;
±0.5°C stability

- Vacuum: 19 to 21 mm H O; ±0.05 accuracy, ±0.2 stability, no vacuum drift or dependance on ambient temperature; electronic vacuum control (std.), or connection to external standard manometer; vacuum circuit equipped with air filter (standard); optional flowmeter

- Sample Weight Management: Key in by operator or optional direct balance connection; automatically calculates evaporation loss

-Dimensions and weight: 45cm (18andquot;) W x 64cm (25andquot;) D x 45cm (18andquot;) H; 30 kg (66 lb)