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AD0097-150 - AD0097

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AD0097-150 - Refrigerated cabinet (ASTM D97, ASTM D2500)

The apparatus consists in a floor-mounted cabinet containing one, two, three or four aluminium blocks with four jackets: the temperature of each block is maintained at a fixed temperature by means of electronic thermoregulators.

Every block has its independent cooling compressor and the top plate is fitted with a low voltage defrosting device. The aluminium block permits to eliminate alcohol and methanol as cooling media improving safety in laboratory practice, makes the apparatus more reliable and doesn’t require periodical maintenance such as level checking and bath refill.

Technical details:


ASTM D 97, D 2500, IP 15, ISO 3015, 3016


Cloud and Pour point determination for 4 temperatures: -48°C, 24°C, 0°C and -18°C.
0,1°C accuracy for each block.