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AD0566-600 - ASTM D 566 / D2265

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AD0566-600 - ASTM D566 Automatic dropping point tester

The dropping point is the temperature at which the grease passes from a semisolid to a liquid state under the conditions of test. Cooperative testing indicates that in general, dropping points by test method D 566 and test method D 2265 are in agreement.

The test, usually carried on with manually operated analyzers, has been totally automated with this instrument: in fact it provides automatically to regulate the heating rate, beginning with a 5.5°C/min rate and then reducing it to 1°C/min rate.

It detects the dropping point keeping the value in the memory until the operator’s acknowledgement. A unique cooling system permits to cool down quickly the heating furnace allowing to start a new test in a few minutes.

Technical details:


ASTM D 566 - D 2265 - IP 132 - ISO 2176


Automatic dropping point tester.
Temperature range: up to 400°C
Accuracy: 0,1°C


- Enamel finished benchtop steel case
- Alluminium heating block with test tube jacket.
- Stainless steel heater.
- Water cooling system: it permits to cool down the heating block at the end of the analisys. The cooling cycle is automatically started when a drop is detected. The cooling time is programmable via keyboard.
- Oil-proof keyboard.
- Microprocessor controller that performs the test automatically. Once the expected dropping point has been set up using the keyboard, it is sufficient to press the start button: the controller pilots the heater to obtain an initial arise of 5.5 °C/min passing to a 1-1.5 °C/min temperature rate when the sample reaches a temperature 18°C less than the expected dropping point.
- Digital display that shows continuously the sample temperature with 0.1°C resolution. Temperature sensing element: Pt100 RTD 1/10 DIN tolerance class.
- Safety alarm that stops the apparatus in case a temperature 30°C higher than the expected dropping point has been reached without any dropping point detection.
- Search function: it permits to exclude the safety alarm allowing the apparatus to continue the test until a dropping point is detected. In any case the controller stops the analisys at 400°C for safety reasons.
- Dropping point detector based on a photocell system.
- RS-232 interface.
- Two glass sample tubes, two brass grease cups and one thermometer depth gage.
- For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 700 W power consumption.
- Dimensions (l x w x h): mm 390 x 450 x 720.
- Weight: 30 kg approx.