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09151-000-01 - HGT 915

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09151-000-01 - Gum test apparatus for air evaporation (ASTM D381)

Herzog’s Gum Test Apparatus measures evaporation residue in aviation fuels, motor gasolines and other volatile distillates according to standard test procedures. Available in two version, HGT915 uses air evaporation, while HGT917 uses either air or steam jet evaporation. Both are capable of testing three 100 ml samples simultaneously. Results indicate the likelihood of induction system deposits and potential sticking of intake valves.

The Herzog Gum Test Apparatus consists of an aluminum block with ducts for air or steam flow. Sample beakers are placed in wells within the block and hot air or steam is blown across the samples, causing rapid evaporation of volatile constituents. The beaker’s weight is then compared to its empty weight; the difference is existent gum.

Block temperature is factory set for a temperature of approximately 162°C in air evaporation units and 232°C in steam evaporation units. The temperature of the evaporation air or steam is controlled by pressure regulation. Catalog HGT915 and HGT917 includes an integral steam super heater as well as a built-in switch, which permits changeover from air to steam evaporation when required.


- Three test stations
- Choice air or steam evaporation
- Aluminum heating block with electronic heat control
- Integral steam super heater
- Includes beaker, shielded thermometer and precision pressure

Technical details:


Conforms to ASTM D 381, ISO 6246, EN 5, IP 131


Measures evaporation residue in jet/turbine aviation fuels, gasolines and fuel ethanol.
Block temperature (air evaporation): 162°C
Block temperature (steam evaporation): 232°C


- Sucking capacity: 200 l/min.
- Eff. supply volume at 3.5 bar: 140 l/min.
- Max. pressure: 7 bar
- Tank volume: 20 l - stationary
- Motor power: 1.5 kW
- Noise level: 58 dB (A)andquot;
- Dimensions: 88cm (W) x 41cm (D) x 30cm (H)
- Weight: 20,5kg