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00T0072 - TLB50

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00T0072 - Determination of Fuel Blocking Potential

Tamson is pleased to announce a new low-temperature bath. The TLB50 is developed as a thawing bath for conditioning and sample preparation. The bench top bath with integrated cooling, replaces the combination water bath with external cooling circulator. The bath has an operating range of -10°C to +120°C. The TLB has a wide bath opening and several options including a fixed or split levelling platform and adjustable rack systems. The bath can be custom adjusted to hold different sized bottles from a few ml bottle up to 12 Boston round bottles each containing 1-ltr. The rack system fixes the bottles in position and prevents them from floating...

New TLB50 equipped with a pump.
The TLB is equipped with a stirrer which circulates the bath content inside the bath to precondition the samples. The TLB50 is now available with a pump which can circulate the bath medium to an external application as well while the bath is being used as a thawing bath.

Technical details:

The primary use of the TLB50 is sample preconditioning. Before most samples are analyzed, they are required to be conditioned to a specified temperature as described in each test method. Some examples are:
- ASTM D323 Reid Vapor Pressure Test between 0 to 1°C (32 to 34°F).
- ASTM D5 Penetration Tests for Bitumen.
- Long-term storage of Gasoline <10°C or <20°C (<50° or 68°F).

The TLB50 Bath will also be able to accommodate D86 Atmospheric Distillation samples for storage or conditioning. It can be set to 0-1°C (32°-34°F) for the storage of gasoline (GROUP 1) or the corresponding D86 receiver chamber temperature. Samples are easily conditioned prior to the distillation test. A common issue is gasoline samples are run immediately after Reid Vapor Pressure tests while the sample is still at 0-1°C (32-34°F) and not at the specified temperature of 12-18°C (55-65°F). The problem occurs that the test results reflect abnormally high recoveries, for example 99.8% on winter blends of gasolines. The abnormally high results are often caused by charging at the wrong sample temperature (0-1°C or 32-34°F) and collecting at a receiver camber temperature of 12-18°C (55-65°F). Proper sample conditioning prevent these errors and faulty test results.