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As market leader in Petroleum Analyzers, Optimus Instruments provides innovative and cost-effective techniques for physical property testing, distillation and element analysis for almost 30 years. Great instruments combined with excellent after sales service and our worldwide unique ISO17025 accredation for verification makes Optimus Instruments a partner you can count on.

VL3000 - VISCOLAB 3000

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VL3000 - Piston style viscometer for low and high viscosity (ASTM D7483)

The VISCOlab 3000 laboratory viscometer is the ideal choice for measurement when viscosity testing requires the sample material to be tested at specific temperatures. This lab viscometer is used for applications ranging from research and development through quality control, and industries ranging from life sciences to oil analysis, including measuring oil viscosity for VI (Viscosity Index ). It is a temperature controlled viscometer incorporating an integrated heater that delivers accurate measurements at user-defined temperatures from slightly above ambient to 356F (180C). The temperature range of this viscometer can be extended to -40C with the optional cooling jacket coupled with an appropriate cooling bath.
Utilizing minimal bench space and providing an easy to read digital display in centipoise or centistokes, the VISCOlab 3000 delivers accurate measurements with a small sample size; less than 2ml of fluid is required. This small sample viscometer also ships with an RS232 interface to make it easy to output data to a PC for tracking, storage, or graphical display. The VISCOlab3000 is excellent for measuring viscosity in any laboratory setting and the integrated heater makes it particularly suited to labs testing oil viscosity or performing used oil analysis at 40C and 100 C.
The VISCOlab 3000 is available in application specific configurations for diesel, lube oil, bunker oil, asphalt/bitumen, and gear oil.  See configuration tab for more information.

Technical details:

Diesel: Measures diesel oil from 0.5-10cP at 40C
Lube Oils: Measures lube oil from 1-20cP at 100C and 25-500cP at 40C
Bunker: Measures bunker oil from 50-1000cP at 50C
Asphalt/Bitumen: Measures asphalt from 250-5000cP at 135C and 150C
Gear Oil: Measures gear oil from 50-1000cP at 40C