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85435-221 - MCRT 160

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85435-221 - Micro Carbon Residue Tester (ASTM D189, ASTM D4530)

Alcor’s MCRT-160 provides safe, simple measurement of a petroleum product’s tendency to thermally degrade and form coke under high temperature pyrolyzing conditions. Its powerful digital control over all ASTM D 4530 test steps delivers results equivalent to Conradson Carbon (ASTM D 189) with significantly less inconvenience or fuss.
A typical D 189 carbon residue analysis caneasily take 90 minutes or more of a skilled operator’s time. The MCRT-160, on the other hand, frees skilled lab personnel for more important tasks.
The operator only has to weigh the initial and final samples and start the test. The MCRT-160 automatically executes the factory programmed ASTM D 4530 test program. Plus, for added convenience and versatility , it can even be programmed to automate your own specialized time-temperature test profiles.

• Overnight test mode
• Processes up to 12 samples simultaneously, enhancing laboratory’s test productivity
• Testing with microprocessor precision
• Umtimate testing versatility
• Environmental friendly operation

Technical details:

ASTM D 4530, ASTM D 482, ASTM D 189, IP 398, ISO 10370 ISO 6615

Tests a product’s tendency to thermally degrade and form coke under high tempera- ture pyrolyzing conditions. For an amount of 600 ml under a maximum ambient temperature up to 775°C.

- One button test
- Compact footprint
- Fully automatic heating and pyrolysis
- User-programmable oven time-temperature sequences for custom test procedures
- Automatic, constant flow control with front panel flow meters and controls for adjustment and monitoring of
gases during test
- Processes up to 12 samples simultaneously
- Sealed oven and directed exhaust provide clean, fume-free analysis
- Routine analysis for carbon residue from less than 0.1% to over 30%