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04721-000-00 - HVM 472

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04721-000-00 - Multi Range Viscometer (ASTM D445)

Designed as a stand-alone instrument that requires no external PC for operation, the Herzog HVM472 Viscometers determines automatically the kinematic viscosity from 0.5 to 5000 mm2/s (capillary depending) while meeting or exceeding the requirements of ASTM D 445.

Each of the two independent baths is supplied sample by its own 26-position auto sampler or by a single feeding station (shown at right). Preload a total of 52 samples for automated testing. During operation, this unique sampling system feeds the capillary, spent discharged sample cups and allows you to insert new samples... even while another sample being tested! As new cups are added to the feeder, this smart system automatically prompts you for a sample name and ID, incorporating it into the programmed test routine.


- Quick, easy operation in three simple steps
- Performs two tests at two temperatures, simultaneously!
- Truly continuous operation with unique autosampler
- Results in five minutes
- 0,5-5000mm2/s range (depends on the measurement range of chosen capillaries)
- Stand alone operation
- Multi-instrument networking and enhanced PC-based operation with IRIS software platform

Technical details:


ASTM D 445, IP 71 Section 1, ISO 3104, EN ISO 3104


Precise kinematic viscosity determination of mineral oils, hydrocarbons and other transparent or non-transparent liquids. With optional sample preheating system, the HVM472 can test difficult samples that are very viscous or even solid at room temperature, like resins, waxes, bitumen.
Temperature range: 20°C to 150°C


- Automates ASTM D 445 testing
- Now results in two minutes; up to 50 measurements per hour
- Low 4mL sample size
- Integral auto sampler for continuous operation
- Fast Run Multi Range Capillary with 20 fold range; 10 gradings: 0.5–10; 1–20 up to 30–600 mm2/s
- Dimensions: 49cm W x75cm D x127cm H
- Weight: 90kg (99 with bath)