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As market leader in Petroleum Analyzers, Optimus Instruments provides innovative and cost-effective techniques for physical property testing, distillation and element analysis for almost 30 years. Great instruments combined with excellent after sales service and our worldwide unique ISO17025 accredation for verification makes Optimus Instruments a partner you can count on.


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V066305 - Automatic Houillon Viscometer (ASTM D341, D445, D7279)

Automatic Houillon Viscometers ASTM D 341 ; ASTM D 445 ; IP 71
New Method: ASTM D7279 !

Using a Houillon capillary tube, ISL’s VH Series Viscometers automatically determine kinematic viscosity of lubricating oils, used oils, fuels, polymers and similar materials over a wide viscosity range.
The method was initially developed for lubricant blending facilities, research labs, and used oil verification measurements.
It requires less than 1 millilitre of sample with an average run time of 60 seconds, maintaining the precision of ASTM D 445.
Running under custom 32-bit, multitasking Windows-based software, you can centrally monitor of up to 16 capillaries spanning up to 4 baths.
Results are displayed, saved in the database, printed or sent directly to a LIMS following user-defined protocol.
The Model VH 1 integrates a single solvent capacity for tube cleaning, while the Model VH 2 accommodates two solvents, offering more flexibility in solvent selection and more efficient tube cleaning and drying. All VH 2 parts that come in contact with sample or solvents are made of glass, stainless steel and brass, Teflon or Kalrez . Thus, aggressive solvents can be used on this model.

ASTM D 445 precision using less than 1mL of sample
- Viscosity range: 2 to 2000 cSt at 40°C
- Bath temperature from 20° to 120°C with ±0.01°C stability
- High throughput... 75 samples per hour, per bath
- Average viscosity and/or viscosity index in minutes
- Automatic tube cleaning and drying
- Less than 10 ml solvent used in cleaning cycle

Including 4 capillaries per VH1 viscometer
Capillary constants according to customer requirement: please specify when ordering.