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As market leader in Petroleum Analyzers, Optimus Instruments provides innovative and cost-effective techniques for physical property testing, distillation and element analysis for almost 30 years. Great instruments combined with excellent after sales service and our worldwide unique ISO17025 accredation for verification makes Optimus Instruments a partner you can count on.

500Q0-000-00 - PETRODIST 500 Q

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500Q0-000-00 - Semi-automatic micro distillation

• bench scale crude oil distillation system for semi-automatic operation
• quick distillation of small crude oil charges
• approx. 2 hrs. for complete distillation (depending on crude oil)
• fraction collector for automatic or manual operation
• operation stages follow ASTM D-2892: ATM, 100 torr, 10 torr, 2 torr
• column efficiency similar to ASTM D 2892

Following an increasing demand for crude oil distillations to analyze small quantities in a short period of time PILODIST has modified the existing HRS 500 system to be applied for the purpose of crude oil distillation at a very attractive price.
Although the distillation column is packed with Propak 316 and the controller allows to perform all required distillation runs (atmospheric and vacuum 1 – 3) the system is similar but not strictly designed  according to ASTM D-2892 – standard.
The system can be operated alternatively with fraction collector or with the
intermediate receiver for larger cut volumes as well as the determination of the actual distillation rate. Both collection systems are included in the scope of supply.
The purpose of this system is to get a quick analysis of the composition of crude oil for further decisions.

Technical details:

Charge Quantity: up to 125 ml
Operation Temperature: up to 350° C
Operating Pressure: down to 1 torr
Operating Range: up to 420°C AET
Mains Supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (w x h x d): 1.20 x 1.50 x 0.50 m
Weight: Approx. 80 kg