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0141-006-001 - CID 510

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0141-006-001 - Automated cetane ID 510 analyzer (ASTM D613)

PAC developed the Cetane ID 510 analyzer that incorporates advanced technologies. The fuel injection system is a modern high pressure common rail injection system (based on modern diesel engine design), which is electronically actuated and therefore offering ultimate precision.

The Cetane ID510 analyzer is a fully automated “one button” operation for easy use when either calibrating the instrument of running test samples. The precise measurement of ignition delays is automatically converted to derived cetane number by the onboard computer.


- Ease to use
- Excellent Analysis Performance
- High safety standards
- Economical solution

Technical details:

Officially approved in ASTM’s Diesel Fuel specifications D975, D6751, D7467 and EN590 (pending)
- Approved as test standard ASTM D7668, EN 16715, IP615
- Excellent correlation to ASTM D613, ISO5165 and IP41


Cetane Number or CN is a measurement of the combustion quality of diesel fuels. In compression ignition diesel engines the cetane number is the measure of ignition promotion, an indication of the smoothness of combustion.


- Stand Alone Bench-top unit
- Superior precision and correlation to ASTM D613 (CFR Engine)
- Analyzes all types of diesel fuels and blending streams including Biodiesel and Cetane improved products
- Built-in printer
- Electronically actuated, High Pressure 5 nozzle Injector for precise injection volume and perfect combustion
- Automatic calibration
- Automated Protection Systems for combustion chamber pressure and temperature
- Built-in Fire Detection and Suppression System
- Fuel detection system avoiding injection system to pump dry