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As market leader in Petroleum Analyzers, Optimus Instruments provides innovative and cost-effective techniques for physical property testing, distillation and element analysis for almost 30 years. Great instruments combined with excellent after sales service and our worldwide unique ISO17025 accredation for verification makes Optimus Instruments a partner you can count on.


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1040XX - Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point tester (ASTM D92)

OptiFlash COC Flash Point, Electric Igniter, Ionization Flash. P detection, 230V / 115V, 50/60 Hz
230V / 115V, 50/60 Hz
Compliant to ASTM D92 / ISO 2592 / EN 22592 / IP 36 / DIN/EN 22592 / JIS K2265 / NF EN 22592
This model can be easily modified for electric ignition
Optical Flash Point detection (UV) pre-installed: recommended for water based and silicone containing samples

Accessories included:
103846 Sample Temperature Sensor for OptiFlash
106322 Quick Connector for Pt100, Ionization FP Sensor
106293 Igniter for OptiFlash COC Electric Ignition
105061 Sensor fixing screw
105171 Test Cup COC
101-052 Power Cord for Continental Europe
104714 Sensor Holder
105895 Adapter 8/6mm for Fire Extinguisher Gas
106873 Gauge for Sample Probe position
106879 Igniter depth adjustment gauge for COC
5201-000-001 Set of hexagonal wrenches
106910 USB Stick with Documentation

Technical details:

Standards: ASTM D92; ISO 2592; EN ISO 2592; IP 36; GB/T 3536

Temperature Measurement: Intelligent Pt 100 probe with built in Calibration, 10 Calibration Points,
Glass or Metal Pt 100, Temperature range -50°C to +450°C,
Resolution 0.1°C

Heating System: Heater plate for uniform heating of the cup, 2 Heat Rates,
Test Method or user-defined Heat Rate from 0.5 to 17 °C/min.

Rake for skin forming samples: Automatic Skin Rake, for accurate handling of skin forming samplesIgnition SourceIntelligent Electric Igniter with automatic power management over life time or automatic Gas Ignition with gas flame monitoring,Test Method or user-defined Test Interval from 0.5 to 50 °C

Barometric Pressure: SensorBuilt in barometric pressure sensor for automatic barometric pressure correction for the Flash Point, Pressure units mbar, hPa, kPa, mmHg or Torr.

Flash Detection System: Ionization Flash Point Detection or unique Optical Flash Point Detection which can detect Flash Point of all sample types

User Interface: 7” Colored Touch screen, Alpha Numeric data input, Barcode Reader; Languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Russian

Result Documentation: 500 results, 200 products, User defined result reports for printer and LIMsPrinterExternal printer through USB Interface and with PCL5 or higher; Netware printer through Ethernet with PCL5 or higher and Internet Print Protocol IPP; Automatic print out

LIMS interface: Ethernet or RS232, User defined Data String, Automatic LIMS transfer
Data Export: USB Memory Stick, Import into Excel
QC-Functions: Automatic QC-sample handling and QC-Chart

Fire Extinguisher:2 built-in optical fire sensors for detection of fire around the test cup,
Fire extinguishing System with external Inert gas,Alarm relay to link OptiFlash to a lab alarm system
Safety pre-test: By doing safety pretests the unit can detect high volatile contamination in normally high flash point samples and avoid a risk of fire
Alarm Functions: Automatic detection of method or safety violations. User selects test termination or alarm message

Password Protection: Different Access levels for Operator, Service or Lab Manager
Calibration and Diagnostics: User defined Calibration Intervals Automatic Diagnostic functions

Barcode Reader
Ticket printer, A4 USB printer, Netware Printer
Metal Sample Temperature Sensor

Electrical: 115V or 230VAC 10% switchable; 50-60Hz; 1100 W. Protection class II, Pollution degree 2
Ambient Conditions: Temperature: max. 10° to 35°C; recommended 15° to 25°C. Humidity: 80% rel. at 35°C
Storage temperature: -15 to +55°C
Dimensions: 25 cm (9.85”) wide, 51 cm (22”) deep, 56 cm (20.1”) tall
Weight: 25kg, (55 lb)