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Optimus Instruments is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation in research and industry. The Huber products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes. The product range offers solutions for all thermoregulation tasks from -125 to +425°C.

1044.0004.01 - UNISTAT P505
-55...250 °C - 6 KW HEATING - 5,3 KW COOLING - 50 L/MIN - 4 BAR

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1044.0004.01 - -55...250 °C - 6 kW Heating - 5,3 kW Cooling - 50 l/min - 4 bar

Unistats are predestined for applications in process and chemical engineering, such as temperature control of reactors, autoclaves, Miniplant/Pilot systems, reactor blocks and calorimeters. Unistat temperature control systems with their unique thermodynamics provide highly accurate and reproducible results, guaranteeing the shortest heating and cooling times and a wide temperature range without fluid change. Environmentally and economically Unistats stand out, offering natural refrigerants and an efficient energy management system for reduced operating costs.  

Technical details:

Temperature range: -55...250 °C
Temperature stability: ±0,01 °C
Temperature control: TAC, self-optimizing (True Adaptive Control)
Display resolution: 0,01 °C
Alarm message: optical, acoustical  
Controller: Pilot ONE  (E-grade andquot;Professionalandquot;)   
Safety class: III / FL  
Protection class: IP20  
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1200 x 805 x 1493 mm
Weight: 365 kg

Unistats® „Pandquot; Models: Circulating pumps with a high discharge pressure for applications with high pressure drops, e.g. in the Flow-
Through chemistry or in the Semicon industry.