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Optimus Instruments is the technology leader for high precision thermoregulation in research and industry. The Huber products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes. The product range offers solutions for all thermoregulation tasks from -125 to +425°C.

3027.0003.01 - UNICHILLER 130TW
-10...40°C - 90 L/MIN - 5,6 BAR - 13,0 KW COOLING

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3027.0003.01 - -10...40°C - 90 l/min - 5,6 bar - 13,0 kW Cooling

Chiller with water-cooled refrigerating unit and circulation pump. Evaporator (cooler), tank and housing of stainless steel.
Pressure-suction pump made of stainless steel. Digital Temperature adjustment and digital temperature display. Level indicator with sight glass.

Technical details:

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