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Laborama 2020 goes virtual!

Visit Belgium’s biggest lab fair on 11 & 12 June in the safety of your home.

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Tamson launches corrosion bath for ASTM D1384

Due to popular demand, Tamson’s CEC L-109-14 oxidation bath has been modified so that it can be used to perform ASTM D1384 testing. During the test, different specimens of metal are immersed in engine coolant, evaluating the effects under controlled laboratory conditions.


PAC launches all-in-one Marine Gas Oil tester

On January 1st, the International Maritime Organization enforced new emissions standards designed to significantly reduce pollution produced by world’s ships. More than 170 countries have committed to ban shipping vessels using fuel with a sulphur content over 0,5%, while until 2020 the cap was 3,5%.


A big thanks to our team

In these confusing, sometimes frightening times, we couldn’t be more proud of our team.

Despite the difficulties we and our customers are facing right now, they keep on going - be it from home, at the office or on-site.


Covid-19 update

Drastic times call for drastic measures. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, both government and companies take the necessary actions to prevent further contamination.

Optimus Instruments & European Lab Services will remain at your service in the time to come.


Optimus Instruments sponsors ChemSYS

ChemSYS, a chemistry conference for young scientists is up to its 15th edition and takes place from 19 to 21 February in Blankenberge. They give young attendees the opportunity to present early results of their research, mostly focused on typical domains within chemistry. Optimus will be at the event on 19 & 21 February.


Tamson Oxidation bath for CEC L-109-14

For 2020, the European Union is mandating a minimum of 10% bio components in transport fuels. However, increasing those components promotes the risk of engine oil oxidation. For this reason, the CEC published a new oxidation test method ( CEC L-109-14 ). Tamson is the first manufacturer to implement the test method in a 6 position oil bath.


Blue Liquid thermometers no longer available

Recently, we experienced multiple quality issues with blue liquid and mercury glass thermometers.

Since these no longer meet Optimus’ quality requirements, we decided to stop selling this type and will offer digital thermometers instead.


Accelerate innovation at Labtechnology

Join us on Tuesday 1 & Wednesday 2 October at Labtechnology 2019 in Utrecht.

With more than 30 speakers and 100 exhibitors, there is no shortage of innovation, nor answers to whatever questions you might have.

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Heidolph launches a new range of Rotary Evaporators!

Heidolph launches the new Hei-VAP Rotary Evaporators and adds a Hei-TORQUE Core stirrer to their line-up.

To celebrate the launch of Heidolph’s latest stirrer, you can now order the Hei-TORQUE Core for only 650 euros until the end of June 2019!

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ELS expands its services for Life Science

European Lab Services now offers on-site mapping of temperature, humidity, pressure,... in multiple Life Science applications such as cleanrooms, incubators and autoclaves.

Are you sure about the quality of your measurements?


NEW Sulfur Certified Reference Materials from Paragon Scientific

Paragon Scientific now manufactures premium level, dual accredited Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for Sulfur analysis, certified in strict accordance with both ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17034 as per accreditation to UKAS. NOW READY TO ORDER!


Optimus Instruments is fully committed to support your thermoregulation applications

1 - One single supplier for all thermoregulation applications with 30 years of expertise

0 - Zero-tollerance for technical issues. Our job ends when the application operates 100%

1 - First-class service and after sales support by continuously trained engineers


Successfully installation of the first ever Bionet F1-TWIN Photobioreactor

The fist Bionet F1-TWIN PBR will be used for a research project of the Université de Mons about the use of micro-algae for energy purpose. With this Photo Bioreactor the researchers aim to optimize the algae culture by illumination and degassing. We are very proud to contribute our advanced technologies for this circular economy study.