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Why the PAC OptiFlash Small Scale is the safest way to perform flash point testing

Due to its ultra-low required sample volume, the PAC/Herzog OptiFlash Small Scale is easily the safest instrument in the market. The OptiFlash range has been designed with the focus on safe operation and contains an ultra fast optical fire detection, safety monitoring system and various other safety-improving features!


PILODIST new high throughput distillation for 33L flasks and fully automated PD 400 CC

PILODIST is one of our current high running product lines.They are the leading brand in versatile and automated distillation systems. Discover the new Pilodist 104 for high throughput universal distillation, ideal for training and educational purposes. Also, some more advanced systems are no challenge, the Petrodist 400 CC combines fully automated crude oil distillation of volumes between 2 and 100L !


Discover all new possibilities for multi-bioreactor control

BIONET ENGINEERING launches some great upgrades in their product range! The ROSITA software for control of the F0 entry level reactor now supports control up to 3 units! Also check the brand new F1, re-engineered and ready for any lab-scale or industrial challenge. LEARN MORE about our Bioreactors!


15% off general lab equipment!

Bring out the hammers and count what budget is left! 15% discount on general lab equipment such as waterbaths, stirrers, rotary evaporators, balances, thermometers and much more. Low prices for premium brands as Huber, Heidolph, Kern and Comark until the end of 2018. Don’t miss this chance!


PILS: Achieving ambitious goals through partnerships in Life Science

Based on the belief that together we’re stronger and we’ll be able to create more value for our customers, we follow the different market developments and trends. Sharing knowledge with each other is one of our focus points. The high level of complementarity, transparency and trust between the PILS members creates strong synergies. Solutions which go beyond what a single company can achieve individually are created that way.


ElemeNtS analyzer, Optifuel Launch, Phase instruments accepted in new DEFSTAN and more!

Many new developments are going on at PAC. Recently two new analyzers were officially launched: the Antek ElemeNtS and PAC OptiFuel. Besides that there is also some exciting news about the Phase Technology viscosity standard. Check out the highlights of the PETROLEUM TESTING NEWS.


Reactor range extended to -90°C to 305°C and triple wall vessels

Our reactor systems product range has been now extended with new glassware and more customization options. The most important addition are -90°C or up to 305°C. Find out more about the usage and safety advantages of using a triple wall vessel for your reactions.


LAST CALL! - Symposium for Pharma: How smart is your data?


During the inspirational sessions of this unique event, you will have the opportunity to learn more about the possibilities of today’s technology. And of course, it is also a good opportunity to meet the different partners! Check out the final program! The symposium will be moderated by Wim De Vilder (VRT).


Antek ElemenNtS product launch @ WOTS 2018

Optimus Instruments has a world premiere next week during WOTS 2018 in Utrecht. Come discover the brand new ElemeNtS Total Sulfur & Nitrogen analyzer at our booth! The most advanced and modular analytical system in the market.


NEW: Take a look at our PROJECT DATABASE and discover our successful installations

30 years of experience in lab technology results in many successful projects. Browse our PROJECT DATABASE and discover various cases of successfully installed petroleum labs, reactor systems, thermostatic control systems and much more. Optimus Instruments offers complete solution packages beyond the instruments!


OptiDist trade-in promotion

Still working with an old Atmospheric Distillation analyzer in your lab? Now is the right time to take the leap and purchase a brand new OptiDist. Until the end of October we offer a special trade-in discount of 10% when swapping your old analyzer for a new one!


DFA 70Xi: The new 4 in 1 diesel analyzer of Phase Technology

Phase Technology’s new DFA-70Xi analyzer can measure cloud point, pour point, viscosity and density in diesel fuel. And, it does it all in less than 25 minutes!


Discover the future of fuel consumption and testing

The fuel industry is facing some challenges, a lot of things are going to change the coming years and decades. Register now for the Fuel For The Future Seminar Days hosted by Optimus Instruments and learn everything about these changes and new technologies in fuel testing.


In memoriam Peter Huber

Tuesday 12/06/2018 Peter Huber, founder and big inspiration of Huber Kältemachinenbau, passed away. Frank Van Hoorick wrote an im memoriam for a long term partner and friend. He will be missed.


New digital thermometer regulations in Petroleum Testing

Mercury in glass (MIG) thermometers have been the standard in reference thermometry for many decades but are now regulated out standards and references. In various PAC viscometers and other petroleum analyzers these mercury in glass thermometers have to be replaced by their digital counterparts. Not only for safety reasons, but also for easier operation and much better calibration.


NEW: Bionet Bioreactor Equipment

Optimus Instruments proudly presents a new collaboration with BIONET ENGINEERING from Spain. BIONET has developed a complete range of bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, from small R&D equipment, both in laboratory and pilot plant, to industrial scale equipment. Buying BIONET’s you guarantee a solution up to date that will offer many years of service. Discover the new product range!


NEW: Chemglass 100L squatty jacketed reactor

Chemglass introduces the 100L squatty process glass reactor. Chemglass offers the only mobile 100L glass reactor in the market and now offers better clearance and wider access with the new squatty design. Discover more.


NEW: OptiMPP – Automated Mini Cloud and Pour Point Analyzer

PAC’s ISL just added an improved mini- Cloud and Pour Point analyzer model to its Opti-Cold Series platform. The ISL OptiMPP allows for an automatic determination of the cloud and pour points of petroleum products, in accordance with international standards test methods.


PAC brings fuel and jet testing to the next level

Great news: Herzog’s CID 510 is now officially published in the EN 590 diesel fuel specifications and OptiReader’s test procedure has been published in the Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels Method. PAC brings fuel and jet testing to the next level.


ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is published

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality and consistent operation of laboratories. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is applicable to all organizations performing laboratory activities, regardless of the number of personnel. The new version successes the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and is published since the end of last month. But what are the major changes?


This was PEFTEC 2017!

PEFTEC is a focused international conference and exhibition for Analytical Chemists, Scientists, Process Operators, Laboratory Personnel and Environmental Managers who work in around the Petroleum, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical industries. PEFTEC took place on 29th & 30th of November 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium. As a principal suppliers of laboratory analysis materials and dedicated services for the petrochemical industry, Optimus Instruments and ELS exhibited at PEFTEC at the principal entrance booth together with our main manufacturer PAC.


Optimus Instruments: Your partner in liquid thermoregulation

Whether you’re looking for a simple solution for instrument cooling or a dedicated dynamic temperature control application, Optimus Instruments provides all tools for a carefree operation at exactly the right temperature. Let us introduce you to the three levels of thermoregulation.


ARTICLE: Total Cost Of Analysis in Petroleum Labs by European Lab Services

It seems contradictory, though it is the undeniable truth. While the importance of petroleum analysis increases, purchasing budgets have downsized over the last few years and lab managers have to reflect about how to purchase in a cost-effective way. This mindset goes way beyond exploring the market in search of the best prices. It is all about spreading out the cost over the next following years of usage. A well-known concept as Total Cost Of Ownership also takes multiple other parameters in account: maintenance costs, cost of downtime, energy consumption, etc.


Save tap water and money with a Van der Heijden chiller

Any cooling application that requires tap water as cooling fluid is a waste. It’s time to change this with our brand new Van de Heijden chiller line, the perfect alternative for tap water cooling. Protect not only your cooling instrument by using clean water along with the correct pressure and a constant temperature, but protect the environment as well. A Van der Heijden chiller always pays for itself!