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Why the PAC OptiFlash Small Scale is the safest way to perform flash point testing

Due to its ultra-low required sample volume, the PAC/Herzog OptiFlash Small Scale is easily the safest instrument in the market. The OptiFlash range has been designed with the focus on safe operation and contains an ultra fast optical fire detection, safety monitoring system and various other safety-improving features!


PILODIST new high throughput distillation for 33L flasks and fully automated PD 400 CC

PILODIST is one of our current high running product lines.They are the leading brand in versatile and automated distillation systems. Discover the new Pilodist 104 for high throughput universal distillation, ideal for training and educational purposes. Also, some more advanced systems are no challenge, the Petrodist 400 CC combines fully automated crude oil distillation of volumes between 2 and 100L !


Discover all new possibilities for multi-bioreactor control

BIONET ENGINEERING launches some great upgrades in their product range! The ROSITA software for control of the F0 entry level reactor now supports control up to 3 units! Also check the brand new F1, re-engineered and ready for any lab-scale or industrial challenge. LEARN MORE about our Bioreactors!


15% off general lab equipment!

Bring out the hammers and count what budget is left! 15% discount on general lab equipment such as waterbaths, stirrers, rotary evaporators, balances, thermometers and much more. Low prices for premium brands as Huber, Heidolph, Kern and Comark until the end of 2018. Don’t miss this chance!