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it’s the service that makes all the difference.

More than 30 years of successful business

Brief History:

Optimus Instruments was founded in 1987, located in Temse (near Antwerp). We started company focussing on the petrochemical laboratories and gas detection in industrial environments. In 1988 Optimus Instruments obtained the distributorship of Herzog and Huber, still our two most important brands, and started a service department.

In 1998 Optimus Instrument founded a second office in Rotterdam, focussing on service for the local companies. With two strategically positioned offices, the engineers never needed to travel far for an intervention, still one of our biggest assets.

2006 was the launch of European Lab Services (ELS), an independent service company for laboratory instruments. All sales activity and technical support was now the business of Optimus, ELS takes care of the after-sales customer service.

2007 marks the launch of the French office in Caen, an independent sales company focussing on reactor systems and thermoregulation in the pharmaceutical industry. ELS was granted its ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration of thermometers and the verification of petroleum analyzers, ELS was the first and is still the only company having this unique accreditation for testing of petroleum analyzers.

In 2011 new markets were searched and activities extended. Optimus Instruments not only focusses on the Petrochemical industries anymore but also supplies quality instruments and service for chemical, pharmaceutical and later bio-chemical industry.

2014, The great experience of our France office concerning laboratory reactor systems was shared with the Belgian office. Optimus Instruments became exclusive distributor of the Chemglass laboratory reactors and offers ready to use complete thermoregulated glass reactor systems.

Today, 2018, Optimus Instruments offers a wide portfolio of instruments throughout industrial QC and R&D labs. ELS continuously extends its calibration and testing scopes, ELS is now accredited for the calibration of thermometers and balances and the verification of all kinds of lab equipment.

Quality Policy:

Optimus Instruments is commited to provide quality products and services to all its customers by integrating highest professionalism and quality considerations in every aspect of our operations by implementing and maintaining an internally recognized management system based on ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 17025 standards.