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Tamson launches corrosion bath for ASTM D1384


Due to popular demand, Tamson’s CEC L-109-14 oxidation bath has been modified so that it can be used to perform ASTM D1384 testing. During the test, different specimens of metal are immersed in engine coolant, evaluating the effects under controlled laboratory conditions.


The ASTM D1384 method covers a simple beaker-type procedure which evaluates the effects of engine coolants on metal specimens. In the six position bath, specimens typically used in engine cooling systems are immersed in aerated coolant solutions for 336 hours at 88°C. The corrosion-inhibitive properties of the test solution are evaluated based on the weight changes incurred by the specimens. This test method will generally distinguish which coolants will cause corrosion within your cooling system and those that are suitable for further evaluation.

The robust and well insulated instrument is delivered with 6 sets of glassware, stand-rods with clamps, flow meters and tubing. The large reservoir guarantees stable and precise temperatures (0,02°C) during testing, while the leveling platform can be adjusted for perfect alignment with up to six 1000mL glass containers. A pump is incorporated to circulate the bath medium to an external application when not used for testing, but can also be safely emptied using the bath drain.

With the first instrument already on its way to the USA, we can safely say availability is no problem.

If you need further details or would like to receive a quotation, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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