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PAC launches all-in-one Marine Gas Oil tester


On January 1st, the International Maritime Organization enforced new emissions standards designed to significantly reduce pollution produced by world’s ships. More than 170 countries have committed to ban shipping vessels using fuel with a sulphur content over 0,5%, while until 2020 the cap was 3,5%.


The new set of standards, commonly referenced as IMO 2020 or MARPOL 2020 will have a dramatic impact on over 50 000 ships in the global merchant fleet.

Because of the high cost of compliance and risks paired with using new oils, most shippers are now using Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

MGO can be implemented without major modifications but will still need a fair amount of work to function as the primary fuel. Vessels using MGO can experience cold flow issues in frigid waters, causing clogged fuel lines and operational disruptions, or even loss of propulsion. Overheated MGO can become too light, leading to sealing problems. Despite these challenges, the right technologies can mitigate the issues, making it the most pragmatic option.

In order to aid shipping companies with these latest developments, Phase Technologies created the MFA-70Xi.

This analyzer was specifically designed to test 4 critical properties of marine fuel: Viscosity (at +40°C), Density, Cloud Point & Pour Point. All in 20 minutes or less! It performs all tests with the push of one single button, is self cleaning (no solvent required) and safe to use thanks to its internal capillary system and self-contained cooler. The sample is automatically loaded, without the need of a pipette. An optional 48-position autosampler offers greater throughput and improved automation if desired.

Keeping your fuel at the optimal condition was never easier.

Discover the all-in-one analyzer here and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our sales department!


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