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Tamson Oxidation bath for CEC L-109-14


For 2020, the European Union is mandating a minimum of 10% bio components in transport fuels. However, increasing those components promotes the risk of engine oil oxidation. For this reason, the CEC published a new oxidation test method ( CEC L-109-14 ). Tamson is the first manufacturer to implement the test method in a 6 position oil bath.


Typically, diesel fuels in European Markets contain up to 7% biocomponents (B7). By gradually increasing the bio content, car manufacturers can adapt the engines to work with the new biofuel.

The new CEC L-109-14 test method was published to help them cope with the increased risk of engine oil oxidation. It provides additional protection for passenger cars and commercial vehicles running on biodiesel by covering a temperature range currently not covered in other test methods.

For this oxidation test, the sample is blended with 7% of B100. This mixture and 10mL of an ion catalyst solution are poured in a flask which is heated to 150°C in an oil bath while an air flow of 10 L/h is fed through the sample. The standard test duration is 216 hours with intermediate samples taken after 72, 144 and 168 hours. The change in kinematic viscosity @ 100°C and oxidation level (FTIR) of the sample are evaluated.

Tamson instruments’ robust six postion oil bath is the first of its kind on the market, and comes with six sets of glassware. Stand-rods with clamps, six flowmeters and tubing are included.

For more information regarding the specifications, accessories or the instrument itself: do not hesitate to contact us!

Upgrade of Tamson ASTM D4807 apparatus


Several years ago, Tamson introduced a turn-key test for ASTM D4807, where sediment in crude oil by membrane filtration is determined. A TC16 circulator pumps the bath content through the jacketed (double wall) funnel to maintain the crude oil sample at 90°C.

From January 1st 2020, another feature will be added to this device in order to increase safe around-the-clock operation. The TC16 is now equipped with a leveling platform and cover with rings. This can be used to place a beaker inside the TC16 where a portion of toluene is preheated to 90°C. Toluene is needed to completely filter the last portion of the sample by washing the jacketed funnel and filter to remove all crude oil. A stand rod with clamp is available as an option.

With a new thermostat, easier temperature tweaking and a platform eliminating the need for a hot plate, your work routine will become easier and safer!

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