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ELS expands its services for Life Science


European Lab Services now offers on-site mapping of temperature, humidity, pressure,... in multiple Life Science applications such as cleanrooms, incubators and autoclaves.

Are you sure about the quality of your measurements?


Validation/mapping of ovens and incubators


European Lab Services provides on-site validation/mapping in compliance with GMP/GLP regulations for the following instruments:

  • Heating ovens & cabinets
  • Incubators
  • Refrigerators & freezers

Our certified engineers can validate temperature, relative humidity and CO2 in your lab!

All validation instruments are ISO 17025 traceable, while in accordance with DIN 12880 validation method and IQ/OQ/PQ protocol.

Validation/mapping of autoclaves


Lab & process autoclaves, as well as chambers for biological steam sterilization, can now be validated/mapped for the following parameters:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Steam / RH

You can rest assured that with ISO 17025 quality, GMP validation method and IQ/OQ/PQ protocol, there is no room for errors.

Validation/mapping of cleanrooms and controlled areas


Cleanrooms, food and cold storage facilities, warehouses and general storage areas all require to monitor application-specific parameters in order to control the quality of the environment.

To ensure those perfect conditions, you need to be certain that your measurements are spot on.

And that’s where ELS comes in! We provide validation/mapping of

  • Temperature
  • RH
  • Particles
  • Pressure
  • Gasses

within your controlled environment, all within ISO 17025 traceability.


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