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Why the PAC OptiFlash Small Scale is the safest way to perform flash point testing


Due to its ultra-low required sample volume, the PAC/Herzog OptiFlash Small Scale is easily the safest instrument in the market. The OptiFlash range has been designed with the focus on safe operation and contains an ultra fast optical fire detection, safety monitoring system and various other safety-improving features!


Safe operation with OptiFlash Small Scale


The OptiFlash Small Scale offers an alternative flash point measurement technique from -30°C up to 300°C for petroleum products, fuels & lubes, biodiesel, food & beverages, solvents, chemicals and paints & varnishes.

The used leading test methods offer significantly better precision compared to e.g. ASTM D93:

- ASTM D3828 A+B

- ASTM D7236 (Temperature Ramp Method)

- ISO 3679 A+B

The analyzer only requires a 2 to 4ml sample (depending on the test method) and works with closed cup technology. Sample injection is done with a syringe or pipette directly into the cup.

A quick optical fire detector and extended flame detection around the flash cup automatically aborts the test when danger is detected. Because of the safe closing shutter in the cup cover, internal flames are stopped automatically without need to activa te the fire extinguisher. A fire extinghuisher using CO2 or N2 is optional. The internal safety monitoring system offers over-temperature protection and safety pre-test interval to avoid fire caused by human error.

Budget friendly flash point analysis


Next to the facts that the OptiFlash Small Scale only needs a very small test sample and being incredibly precise, the analyzers offers plenty other advantages:

  • Robust hardware, easy to handle and easy to clean
  • No fragile parts like external thermometers or thermocouples
  • Time saving: test @ 50°C in 3 min and @100°C in 4 min
  • Ease of use with ’ramp method’
  • Flash point with one sample injection
  • Highly efficient internal Peltier cooling system

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