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DFA 70Xi: The new 4 in 1 diesel analyzer of Phase Technology


Phase Technology’s new DFA-70Xi analyzer can measure cloud point, pour point, viscosity and density in diesel fuel. And, it does it all in less than 25 minutes!


DFA-70Xi: Diesel Cloud, Pour, Viscosity and Density


The DFA-70Xi features a new, side loaded automatic sample injection port. There’s no longer a need to manually pipette. The analyzer always draws the precise amount of sample as required by the ASTM method. The DFA-70Xi is completely self-cleaning, without the need of solvents. Save time and hassle of cleaning, and avoid any risk of damage to the sample cup.


SUPER FAST SPEED: Four different tests in less than 25 minutes.

AUTOMATIC SAMPLE INPUT: No pipette required. New automatic vial injection system

SELF CLEANING: No messy clean up and no solvent; automatic flush cycle

NO LIQUID BATH: Quiet, cool, self-contained thermoelectric cooler; no hazardous bath medium

NO BREAKABLE GLASSWARE: Internal capillary system


Best measured repeatability and reproducibility in the market

DFA-70Xi ASTM D7945 viscosity method exceeds D445 with repeatability of 0.50%.

Cloud point is tested according to ASTM D5773, Pour Point according to ASTM D5949 and density is measured by ASTM D4052.

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