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New digital thermometer regulations in Petroleum Testing


Mercury in glass (MIG) thermometers have been the standard in reference thermometry for many decades but are now regulated out standards and references. In various PAC viscometers and other petroleum analyzers these mercury in glass thermometers have to be replaced by their digital counterparts. Not only for safety reasons, but also for easier operation and much better calibration.


Revision of the Standard Test Methods for Kinematic Viscosity and other petroleum tests


The standard method ASTM D445 for Kinematic viscosity, used by the PAC HVM 472, HVU 481 and HVU 482 viscometers was updated so that all MIG thermometers are excluded from the test method and can be replaced by a digital alternative. This is now also mentioned in the ASTM D8164 Standard Guide for Digital Contact Thermometers for Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels and Lubricant Testing.

Important is that this alternative digital thermometers should work within specifications of the standard method used by the instrument. A calibration of the temperature measuring chain as part of an ISO17025 verification of the analyzer is the only way to fully guarantee proper correspondence with the working method.

Don’t hesitate to contact quality@optimus.be if you have any questions about these new regulations.

What is the alternative?


A good alternative for these MIG glass thermometers are the WIKA/ASL series reference thermometers. Offering a wide range going from the CTH7000 handheld reference thermometer up to the CTR3000 bench-top multi-channel temperature monitoring devise. The WIKA/ASL range offers great performance and are much more suitable for calibration and adjustment.

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