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DFA 70Xi: The new 4 in 1 diesel analyzer of Phase Technology

Phase Technology’s new DFA-70Xi analyzer can measure cloud point, pour point, viscosity and density in diesel fuel. And, it does it all in less than 25 minutes!


In memoriam Peter Huber

Tuesday 12/06/2018 Peter Huber, founder and big inspiration of Huber Kältemachinenbau, passed away. Frank Van Hoorick wrote an im memoriam for a long term partner and friend. He will be missed.


New digital thermometer regulations in Petroleum Testing

Mercury in glass (MIG) thermometers have been the standard in reference thermometry for many decades but are now regulated out standards and references. In various PAC viscometers and other petroleum analyzers these mercury in glass thermometers have to be replaced by their digital counterparts. Not only for safety reasons, but also for easier operation and much better calibration.


NEW: Bionet Bioreactor Equipment

Optimus Instruments proudly presents a new collaboration with BIONET ENGINEERING from Spain. BIONET has developed a complete range of bioprocess equipment including series of bioreactors / fermentors, from small R&D equipment, both in laboratory and pilot plant, to industrial scale equipment. Buying BIONET’s you guarantee a solution up to date that will offer many years of service. Discover the new product range!