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Discover all new possibilities for multi-bioreactor control

BIONET ENGINEERING launches some great upgrades in their product range! The ROSITA software for control of the F0 entry level reactor now supports control up to 3 units! Also check the brand new F1, re-engineered and ready for any lab-scale or industrial challenge. LEARN MORE about our Bioreactors!


15% off general lab equipment!

Bring out the hammers and count what budget is left! 15% discount on general lab equipment such as waterbaths, stirrers, rotary evaporators, balances, thermometers and much more. Low prices for premium brands as Huber, Heidolph, Kern and Comark until the end of 2018. Don’t miss this chance!


ORDER NOW: Portable density meter for only €1200!

Looking for a portable density meter for your lab or on-site application? We now launch our new KEM DA-130N portable density meter at the special promo-price of only €1200.

Don’t hesitate, order now!


PILS: Achieving ambitious goals through partnerships in Life Science

Based on the belief that together we’re stronger and we’ll be able to create more value for our customers, we follow the different market developments and trends. Sharing knowledge with each other is one of our focus points. The high level of complementarity, transparency and trust between the PILS members creates strong synergies. Solutions which go beyond what a single company can achieve individually are created that way.